Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Jenny & Nikki'

Day 8

January 28, 2011

by Jenny Pastrano
(San Antonio,Tx)

Yesterday marked the one week mark without you. It came fast even though each day was so long... Yesterday was such a good day... work was good and then we went out to eat in celebration of your life. The restaurant staff was so nice and attentive.. more than usual... I received a sympathy card from the vet... the best vet I've ever had... everything just seemed to fall into place.

For lunch I went to Hobby Lobby and found some really pretty paper to add more pages to Nikki's scrapbook and best of all.... I had a dream... I dreamt I had Nikki in my arms and I put her down... my cousin said... she's so cute - as most people would say... and then I said to myself in the dream... Oh my god... I'm dreaming.. I'm in a dream... and I picked her back up and hugged and kissed her and told her how much I loved her.. then I woke up... it was comforting to hold her again.

I haven't forgiven the other dogs yet... but I feel in my heart that maybe one day I can.. maybe...

Oh Nikki.. I miss you so much and life just isn't the same without you... everywhere I turn... it reminds me of you... I take a picture of you to work and keep it in my pocket just to have you near.. your daddy misses you too... I never realized how much of an impact you had on him until now.. I hope you know how much he loved you... I hope you're with Blanca and Chuckie and maybe you can even find Penny where you're at.

I will never forget you... ever... and I will never have another doggie like you...

I love you baby.

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