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'Jessica & Mickey'

One More Sleepless Night

Dec 13, 2010

by Jessica Williams
(Meshoppen, PA)

Well it's been 1 month and 8 days since my angel left this world. Still feels like yesterday. My emotions are like a roller coaster going from one extreme to another.

I still can't believe your gone Mick, the house is so empty without you. Everything feels so foreign. Going to McDonalds or Burger King I have to stop myself from ordering your double cheesburgers. You're supposed to be here, you were supposed to have your ham dinner on Thanksgiving and be here to give Momma kisses on her birthday.

Christmas is just around the corner now, I hung your stocking with one toy in it that Momma bought earlier on. You're supposed to be here begging Momma to give you a stocking early like you always did. Stewey came over to visit last night. I think he still looks for his buddy, and misses you like Momma and everyone else that you have touched while you were here on earth.

I finally got my necklace ordered for your cremains, I was so hoping it would have come on my birthday that would have been amazing, but it will be here. I am still waiting on the people to contact me back about your urn, that's digusting Momma a little bit, but hopefully I can get that ordered for you soon.

Thank you for visiting Momma in her dreams on Saturday, I love those visits come and visit me in my sleep as often as you want angel, it's the only way I can see you. I know you are ok and doing things that you haven't been able to do in a while, I should be at peace with your death but I'm selfish and I want you back. I know your spirit surrounds me I can sense you from time to time or smell that familiar puppy smell of yours.

I miss you so much Mickey, I knew losing you was going to be a very hard thing, I never expected to lose you so soon. You were so happy and hyper earlier that week, I just still cant wrap my head around it all.

I miss you terribly Mickey Bear and momma loves you more than life. Rest easy my angel.

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