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2 Months Today

Monday Oct 27, 2008

by Lee
(Sperry, OK)

Teaching Boomer the Ropes!

Teaching Boomer the Ropes!

My sweet Jeter has been gone 2 months today. I still miss him terribly. I walk by his grave and smile like he can see me. I put fresh cut roses on it now and then and say something to him like he can hear me....just in case. I hope he can, I hope he's by my side, and I know Jeter...if he has ANYTHING to do with it- HE IS!

I saw the most beautiful litter of white lab babies ready to wean and I held one but I knew there was no way one could take the place of my "Buggie" He had SO much influence on my life, I never fully realized until he was gone how much of a hole he would leave. It still hurts.

I try not to dwell on his death anymore or how much I REALLY miss him, I keep every thought pretty superficial. If I don't, I'd never stop crying for him. I planted some bulb flowers around his grave a week ago. In the spring I wanted him to have a pretty spot.

I miss my little black bear.....and I hope he's at peace and happy whever he is. He has taken a piece of me with him. It may be a hard day to go home today....all I have left are my memories, they seem an inadequate, empty substitute for my baby.

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