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Hoping for a Sign

Thursday Sept 19, 2008

by Lee
(Sperry, OK)

Jeter and Jason 2007 (Pre-Iraq)

Jeter and Jason 2007 (Pre-Iraq)

I have been giving a lot of thought to the afterlife for us and animals. I have looked online at all the sightings of animal spirits as well as human spirits.

Being a science teacher, I can apply 1 law of science to my cannot be destroyed, only rearranged. So, I believe a soul is a form of energy that cannot be destroyed. It has to go somewhere...maybe it just goes to a realm that is invisible to's all around us, but we just can't see it. Similar to microwaves, x-rays, infrared rays, gamma rays, etc...

There are SO many things we cannot see but we know they are there. I am hoping that Jeter's spirit is still all around me. I want it to be. I hope a spirit can be where it is the happiest. I have no doubt Jeter is still meeting me upon my arrival home if this is true....I just can't see him. This is a comforting thought to me. I just wish he was able to give a sign of his presence if this is true. I will probably always look for a sign from him from now on.

About 15 years ago I had a big white Lab named Mickey. He and I had a strong bond...he lived at my mom's and dad's because he was just too much for our small yard. It wasn't fair to keep him enclosed so he went to live on their farm. Everytime I went to visit, we would go on a run on a secluded gravel road by the lake and almost always never saw another soul.

Something happened to him, we still don't know what...he seemed to just vanish one day. A huge gas canister was overturned by his sleeping place but we never found him...I looked and looked, as did my parents. We thought that someone had taken him and the gas tank was the sign of a struggle. We never knew for sure. I missed him and mourned for him. I looked at every house and every field while driving for a long, long time after.

During our runs, I would put an orange hunting vest on him so no one would mistake him for a wild dog and shoot him...there are a lot of hunters in that secluded area. About two years after we lost him I was running that road and missing him. When I was almost to the end of the road at the water's edge, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was big, white and running among the brush like Mickey use to. When I turned my head to look, it was gone...I never told a soul. I am almost sure that Mickey was running with me that day. It made me feel good and comforted that my big faithful dog was still there with me.

I am hoping one day Jeter will give me a sign. I'll see a "little fat blackbear" out of the corner of my eye as I'm pulling in the drive or out feeding the horses, and I'll know he's still by my side.

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