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I Miss You During The Holidays, Jeter

Nov 26, 2009

I miss my little "Jete" during the holidays.... He loved his share of the turkey carcass..... I still talk to him at his grave site when I go near it, I hope he can hear me, if not hear me at least sense my emotions... I still have moments when I shed my tears for him, usually when I am alone and think of him.... I don't think my longing for him will ever go away. I miss him so much and hope that wherever he is, he's happy and not in pain. I don't think the pain follows them after they are gone.

I made a 12 month calendar of him this past week for 2011... a way of honoring his memory. I also read "The art of racing in the rain" It was an awesome book about a dog and his master from the dog's point of view and his desire to come back as a human in his next life. I hope there is a continuation to a higher life after our pets go.... I think I would know the soul of Jeter if I met him.... he's one of a kind.....

Happy Holidays my beloved "Buggie."

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