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Letting Go

Dec 13, 2010

by Lee
(Sperry, OK)

It has been 3 years... doesn't seem that long ago. The cool weather makes me thing of Jeter, he loved it and would bounce around when I went outside and he was always at my heels of course. It was a crisp morning when he confronted the skunk in the field just enough to make the skunk turn and face him.... that was all it took, Jeter left at a fast run! He was so funny.

I still miss him badly. I miss feeling his course waterproof fur and looking into those big brown eyes. I walk by his grave daily and miss him but the pain has dulled and I have been able to let him go and bide my time until I see him again, which I am almost sure I will. It has taken a long time to accept his passing, to be able to smile instead of tear up. I keep his pictures in plain sight in my home and at work, I still cling to the memory and always will.

This will probably be my last entry, for healing has a way of helping us to let go but never forget, never. I will always love Jeter and be thankful for the joy, companionship and love he brought all of us. And I am looking forward to the day we will play fetch and swim again....

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to my eternally loved Jeter.

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