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Lonesome for my Jeter

Monday Sept 15, 2008

by Lee
(Sperry, OK)

Jeter playing with Boomer

Jeter playing with Boomer

This weekend was sad, especially on Sunday. It was cool outside and the dogs were enjoying laying by the deck in the sun. All 3 are golden....Jeter was black. He stood out like a sore thumb among them and his absence is obvious....very obvious.

When I look out and watch the other 3, it makes me miss Jeter so much. He would have practically been in my lap yesterday. Everytime I walk out the door, his grave is a sore reminder of our loss. I missed him so much....his big smile and his meeting me everyday when the truck door opens by hopping up and standing on his hind legs, eager to be petted again is one thing I'm struggling with. I miss it....I miss him.

His sweet nature is not an everyday occurrance, I am realizing. All he wanted to do was to give love and get love....and I miss that. I miss the love he gave me.....We had such a special relationship...a strong one that I can't see being replaced in my life easily. My heart aches to pet and talk to my "little black bear" one more time. But I know in my heart, once would not be enough.

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