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Missing Jeter Again

Wednesday Oct 1, 2008

by Lee
(Sperry, OK)

Jeter with Baby Boomer and Sugar

Jeter with Baby Boomer and Sugar

Yesterday I had a relapse of memories on the drive home from work. I broke down because the image of Jeter on the bed of the truck the day I had to put him to sleep overcame me.

I remembered how he felt to touch, his hair soft but stiff (good insulation for the cold water labs love) and his eyes and his body still with life. This just came flooding back and I had a good cry.

I miss him so much. These beautiful Fall days went hand in hand with Jeter. He was so happy in the cool mornings and evenings. I just felt the big void that he left when he left this life. I wanted him back so badly.

I am still feeling the pain of his loss today. I try to look at my screensaver of him and smile but it just makes my heart ache. I want him back. I talked in the truck like he could hear me. I think I just needed to get it out from inside me.

I tried to compose myself before I got home because Griffey can sense my sadness and he doesn't know what to think or do with it. I guess it is just the time of year.

Jeter was so alive during the cool of Fall. I miss that. I miss him.

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