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Remembering Jeter

Thursday April 30, 2009

by Lee
(Sperry, OK)

There still isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about and miss my little Jeter.... I still feel the hole in my heart with a dull ache instead of the overwhelming sorrow I felt for a long time.

I walk by his grave several times a day and I am reminded how much I miss him. I planted another rose bush by it and will plant some fresh annual flowers soon. I touch my screen saver with his picture everyday and talk to him. I still wish I could pet him and play with him one more time...I guess I will always wish that.

I am reading a book about a black lab with special powers... it's called dark summer... reading it because of Jeter... it reminds me of him.... I hope I can see him again when my time is up on this Earth.... that is one thing about dying that gives me some comfort... I would look forward to seeing my little Jeter-bug. I still look for signs of his presence, if I ever had one, I would probably keep it to myself... no one would believe me and I wouldn't care anyway, I would know that the sign was meant for me. That would be enough to know.

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