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He's been gone 90 days

Friday Dec 5, 2008

by Lee Redding
(Sperry, OK)

Thanksgiving.... Jeter has been gone 90 days... it seems longer. I still miss him desperately, but now, the only time I cry about it is when I read about him or am alone and think too hard about it. I try not to think too deeply when I think of him. If I can keep my thoughts superficial, I can handle it.

It his first Thanksgiving to not be there when I give the rest of the doggies all the leftovers that they love so much. I thought of him as I was doing that and I missed him badly. I have a friend who just lost her Son's dog and he is in Iraq, she is devastated like I was and I feel for her. I sent her this website in the hopes she finds some comfort there as I did.

The kind of love that some people feel for their companions doesn't go away quickly.... a price we pay for loving as deeply and as unconditionally as they loved us. So much love ends in so much pain, a trade off I guess....I put some new pictures of Jeter in frames and I have his Christmas puppy picture in sight.

I'm sure my thoughts will be filled with him then too.... there is still a hole in our little family that he left. I want to think that he'll be like a little Christmas angel watching over us and trotting beside us during our chores this winter. I miss my baby!

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