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Lilly Gets a Home

Saturday June 6, 2009

by Joann
(Ontario, Canada)

On a nice fall day in early November, I was walking my dog Moxy on the rail trail near our house. It was a regular day, I dropped my 4 yr old Daughter off at her J.K class, then took Mox out for her morning walk on the trail. I always let her off her leash on these walks because she needed to run and she always came back when called.

Well on this particular day she was ahead of me a bit, when a man came off one of the side trails, Mox being the curious dog that she was went up to him to give him sniff. I guess he was scared or something because he hit her with a big tree branch he was holding. Moxy who had never been hit in her life got scared and took off running. By the time I realized what had happened it was too late, she was gone.

It was at this time I had met a lady walking two dogs, I asked if she had seen a Doberman anywhere around, she said she didn't, but would keep her eyes opened. By this time I was openly crying and calling her franticly, praying to God to keep her safe till I found her. I searched and searched, but it was getting late and I needed to pick up my Daughter. Sadly I left the trail to go home, I was so upset, I kept thinking "how could he have hit her", she wasn't a mean or vicious dog despite the Dober reputation.

As I got home, I saw her ! she was tied to my front door, I must tell it was a beautiful sight to see after thinking I would never see her again. Later that night, the lady I had spoke to on trail stopped by to tell me she was the 1 who found her on my porch and tied her to the door. We got to talking as only 2 dog lovers can do, and it turned out she was fostering for a group in my area called "Danes in distress" a rescue group to rehome unwanted great danes. She mentioned she would be fostering a female black Great Dane, I had never seen 1 up close and asked if she would mind bringing her over 1 day, she agreed.

A few days later she showed up with the most beauiful black Dane I had ever seen her name was Lilly. I was amazed that such a big dog could be gentle, lol I was sold I paid the adoption fee and Lilly was mine, Mox was not too happy about it, she had been the "only dog" and did not like sharing my attention. Lilly on the other hand loved Moxy instantly, eventually Mox accepted her and they were best friends. Lilly aways protected Moxy.

Sometime later we were walking on the same trail when Mox spotted a man carring a big stick, she remembered men with sticks hit, and once again ran off home. Well Lilly picked up on her fear and took off in the direction of the man, I was torn " what do I do?" I thought, 2 dog going in 2 opposite directions I decided I needed to go after Lilly, who was at this time barreling down on the man with the stick ready to protect Mox. I caught up to her and got her under control, apologized to the man(who it tured out wasn't the same man who had hit Mox) and took Lilly home to find Mox once again sitting on my porch.

It was that day I saw the bond my dogs had and I knew Lilly would always protect Mox lol who needed no protection or thought she didn't. In future diaries I will share more of just how deep the bond between my dogs went.

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