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My Shadow Girl

Mar 30, 2011

by Jodi
(Hendry Co, Florida)

My Baby Shadow

My Baby Shadow

I remember passing your cage in the pound. I was not paying attention to you, I wanted a Pitbull not a Lab. In the next few days I couldn't forget your face, so I went up and adopted you. You lived with me 4 years, thru the abuse, struggles and tears.

Babygirl when I cry I still reach to hug you, and remembering you aren't here almost kills me. I sit by your grave, I'm not sure if you know or not. When I get into my truck, I miss saying "Load up Shadow, let's go for a ride!" And seeing you come running, and taking you to the Lake where you spent most of your time playing, chasing the sticks I threw for you.

It's been almost a month and the pain is not easing off at all. I miss you so much I barely think straight. I will remember you, for as long as I live. I look out my bedroom window to see where you were laid to rest that friday morning. My heart hurts when I think of you, my baby girl laying there, no longer moving, and running, and tearing stuff up.

Do you remember why I called you Shadow? Because you followed me everywhere I went. Didn't matter where or for how long you were right there. Oh how I miss you.... I still have your favorite lazer, put up so when we meet again I can play with you, my heart is aching for you Shadow girl, and won't stop until I see that goofy face of yours again.

I love you babygirl, rest easy.


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