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'John & Tobi'

Tobi Grows Up

April 2, 2011

by John

The first couple years Tobi was a handful. She managed to break into the medicine cabinet by jumping up on the toilet and opening it. She broke into the food pantry one day and I came home to coffee grounds, flour, sugar pancake mix strewn all over the floor. We had a sectional sofa at the time she got a hold of a section of it one day I came home and found cotton stuffing all over the living room.

Those are just to name a few of her escapades but all in all she was just the best little girl anyone could ask for. Alls she wanted to do is sit next to me or place her head in my lap while watching TV. Our friends would come over and she would give them the same treatment just want to be next to them and love them.

She use to love running around the house thinking she was a greyhound. She would zoom right past Clyde in a sort of way teasing him. She, of course, too fast for him as he would try to nudge her with his head but getting nothing but air. Tobi and Clyde what a perfect pair they were.

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