Your Pet Loss Diaries

'June & Caleb, Louie and Shula'

April 8, 2012

I wish I could remember the happy years babies but all I can think of is those fateful days you left.

Louie I understand you were tired my friend, and you felt the winds calling you home, but Caleb you have left me with so much pain I cannot even begin to say goodbye to you, I'm just not ready. How selfish is that sounding I just want to wake up from this nightmare and bring you home.

This is now 15 months since I held you and I can't accept it. I'm sorry boy I'm not letting you rest am I, that's what I've been told, but then I was always the more selfish out of us. You asked for nothing but gave it all, and I want that back sweetheart so very very much.

I love you babies always and forever xxx

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