Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Karen & Gigi'

July 7, 2011

by Karen
(East Peoria, Il. USA)



It's been about 48 hours now since my little girl passed away. At least, I'm not crying non-stop like I was yesterday. My pretty little girl will always be in my mind.

I placed some pictures of her on my fridge so I can see her often. One picture is of her stretched out on the arm of my sofa, looking at me with those dark little eyes. I sometimes reach up and run my finger down her back. Somehow it makes me feel better, like she is still here looking at me and I'm petting her once again.

My husband's way of coping with his grief is to watch TV and keep his mind off of her. That's not working for me, because I need to think of her or it catches me off guard and all of the sudden I am sobbing.

I sent a mass e-mail out today to family and friends to notify them that my girl is gone. I need them to know that this is a significant sad time in my life. I don't even care if anyone thinks that I'm over reacting. She was more that just a dog to me and my husband. She was our family.

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