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A Week Has Gone By...

Jul 25, 2010

by Kath

A week has gone by since Pawsy has been gone.
It has been a strange, strange week. Firstly I haven't wanted anything to do with my other cats which is most unlike me.

Our latest cat is my daughter's which we have adopted because she and her partner have moved in together and they aren't able to keep her. Well I haven't wanted her near me at all. It's as if she is trying to take Pawsy's place - coming up on a morning and cuddling up to me just like Pawsy did. It's been awful! She's just being herself as usual and asking for food etc etc as is perfectly normal. It's my feelings that don't feel 'normal' I just don't want her I WANT PAWSY BACK!

The place is so quiet because the other cats only come to me for food. Pawsy on the other hand used to have 'conversations' with me - she didn't just 'miaow' for food. Her priority seemed to be wanting to be with me. She knew the food would follow at some point. I miss her greeting me on a morning and not being there at the top of the stairs saying goodbye when I go out. She used to run to greet me when she heard me come home. Oh how I miss that. I miss our little 'talks' and snuggles on the sofa - walking over the keyboard on the laptop.

One thing at least I suppose is I have stopped crying so much and I am able to talk about her now without breaking down.... I'm not having so many flashbacks of her final moments either thank goodness.

I've bought a lovely frame for her photo....still missing you my Pawsy, I love you so much x x

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