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'Kerri & Jasper'

My Furbaby Jasper

April 12, 2010

by Kerri

It has been just over a month since my world was turned upside down through losing Jasper. This pain does not seem to ease and I still continue to be in shock in knowing that he has gone.

At the moment I am going through feelings of unfairness in why the most precious treasure was taken from me. The only way I can look at it is that Jasper was called to go and look after someone else in great need. If I thought of it in any other way I would just become angry at this happening.

I am now taking comfort in knowing that Jasper did not suffer when he died, he died suddenly of a blood clot and I am so glad that I was with him. My neighbours continue to be an amazing source of comfort to me and I know they will always be here for me. I feel truly honored to have a strong bond with them and this would not have happened if it wasn't for Jasper being in our lives.

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