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'Khadejah & Gangster'

I Lost Him - Part 1

July 21, 2009

by Khadejah
(Bridgeport Connecticut)

Gangster was such a sweet dog I wish he didn't have to die the way he did. It all started May 12 2009, I came home from school and I saw my Gangster in our yard running around looking for someone to play with him. The first thought that came to mind was my Grandmother was in the backyard hanging clothes out like she always does while she let Gangster run around the yard until she is finished but that's what I thought was going on.

I got home and Gangster comes running up to me jumping on me and licking my face I petted his head and gave him a kiss suddenly I heard a loud voice saying get away from him and get in the car. I looked up it was my Sister she was in my Uncle's black Honda in front of our house. I asked her for what she said just get in the car shut the door and make sure he doesn't get in. I get in the car and shut the door.

Gangster looked at me with his beautiful brown eyes as if saying come on let's play are't we going to play. I turned to my Sister who was on her cell phone calling someone. I asked her did something happen she said Gangster attacked Grandma and she had to be rushed to the hospital and now he's getting put to sleep. When I heard those words my heart began to beat faster and faster my hands began to sweat, it become harder to breath.

The first thought that came to my mind was this can't be true it can't be, Gangster can't be getting put down this can't be true if this is some kind of a nightmare I wanna wake up now but sadly it wasn't a dream it was real and I truly was about to lose Gangster. My eyes begin to tear up but I was able to fight back the tears. Mean while while I sit there in shock and disbelief, my Sister was calling the animal control she said we have this German Shepherd that attacked my Grandmother and now we want him gone, we want him taken away from here.

On the phone I could hear the animal control people say ok what do you want us to do with him? My Sister said I don't care what you do with him I just want him out of here, he attacked my Grandmother and now she's in the hospital, I want that dog put to sleep. My heart beat faster and faster, I wanted to try to save Gangster so badly but I couldn't do anything to save him.

The second thought that came to mind was take him and run away somewhere. I should have done that but I was afraid and so much in shock my body wouldn't move. Suddenly my Cousin's came home from school driving my Sister's car. My Sister sent my Cousin a text message saying the dog is loose, he read the text got out of the car and said the dogs loose. Gangster ran up to him and jumped on him my Cousin said move get off Gangster before I kick you in your face, I hate dogs like you. His Sister then got out too because she saw her brother do it. I really hate both of them as well as my Sister they're all just devils anyway.

My Sister explained to them what happened and that Gangster is being put to sleep. My Cousin laughed and said too bad for you Gangster better take your last look at everything because you're going to die. My heart began to beat faster, the pain of hearing them talk about my dog like that plus the pain of knowing my dog is about to get put to sleep was too much to bear. I started crying a bit I didn't want to lose Gangster I loved him so much.

More thoughts entered in my head such as what did I do to deserve this, why is Gangster being taken away from me this must be a bad dream, please let it be a dream. I then began praying to God saying please God please save my dog please don't let him die like this I love him so much please don't take him away from me I'll do anything please just don't take my dog away from me.

The animal control was on their way my Sister said she was going to take me to the hospital with my Grandmother while the animal control was capturing Gangster. My Sister said to my Cousin I'm going to the hospital to drop Khadejah off if the animal control comes by call me. My Cousin said alright and we left, I then couldn't hold it anymore and cried my eyes out. The pain was too much to bear anymore, before I cried I let out a gasp from the pain and shock I was feeling.

We later got to the hospital my Sister put me into the room with my Grandmother. My Sister and I then got into a little fight like we did while we were in the honda I was just so mad that my dog was getting put down for no reason. She slapped me, I wanted to beat the hell out of her because I was pissed and not in the mood right now but my Grandmother calmed us down and we stopped fighting.

My Cousin then called my Sister and told her that the animal control had arrived and they are shooting sleep darts at my dog. My Sister says for real oh man their shooting him and I'm missing at the action. She then left to try to hurry to get back to the house to watch the animal control take down my beloved dog.

I was in the room with my Grandmother her lip looked really terrible it was blood real bad. Gangster got all inside her mouth when he attacked her it made me laugh in my head because she deserved every bit of the pain that comes with it for making my life a living hell for seven horrible years. She also deserved it for making Gangster suffer as well I was happy she was in pain. Gangster got tired of her cussing and yelling at him all the time he's just a puppy he shouldn't have to go throught shit like that I love all animals no animal should have to suffer it's wrong anyway.

I cried up a storm while in the hospital room with my Grandmother, I used up all the hospital's tissue's in the room I cried my eyes out. My Grandmother was in terrible pain but she laughed she said I'm in pain but you're sitting there crying over that dog, you see what he done to my mouth? When I heard that I wanted to cuss her out but I just said that doesn't matter your lip can heal, Gangster is being put to death once he's dead you can't bring him back.

After I said that I went back to crying the doctor then came in and told my Grandmother we called the animal pound, my Grandmother said there's no need my Granddaughter called the animal control already they're at the house getting the dog now. The doctor said ok and left to get the needle he would need to numb my Grandmother's lip.

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