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'Kristy & Miss Sophie'

You Were My Best Friend

August 1, 2011

by Kristy Pelkey
(Livonia, MI USA)

I still cry every day... It's been over a month. It's not much easier. A friend from work gave me a sweet picture of her and the caption has Sophie saying "Thinking of You" like she is in heaven thinking of me..... I believe she is..... I hope she is, waiting for me.

Harpo (my Golden) and I are more or less waiting to go and see her. Life isn't the same. I took him for a walk this evening... I am playing hide and seek with him now. Trying to do different things with him to keep him stimulated.

We miss you Soph!

It's just not the same with you gone. You were my fun in life. You were my best friend.... The house is quiet.

I miss touching you, looking at you, feeling you.

Wish you'd come back and this was all a dream........

Love MOM

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