Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Leah & Bear'

The First Week

Dec 10, 2009

by Leah

When I told my friends on Monday, they were in shock. They never even bothered to meet him or anything. So many times I would invite them over and they'd make up excuses not to come. I just need someone who knew Bear and have a cry with them. I'm not especially close with any of my family members to do that so I feel like I just have to bottle it up and act normal.

I have been doing better despite that, the other day I found a video on my cell of Bear pulling out a small tree out of the bushes that I thought was deleted. It made me remember how strong and happy he was. And that's how he's feeling now at Rainbow Bridge.

I miss him and can't wait until I see him again, but that will come when it comes.

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