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'Lisa & Diana'

My Beautiful Diana

Aug 1, 2013

by Lisa Thomas
(Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

Hi my beautiful girl,

I am so sorry it's been so long but mommy is back OK? I miss you so much Diana more then words can say. I miss your sweet face, I miss the way you would sit on my lap and just rub your head on me, I miss your drooling lip I miss the way you would sleep under the covers at night and the way you would play with the sheets when I tried to make the bed. I miss everything about you my pretty girl.

You are the best kitty in the whole world. You made me smile all the time you gave me so much joy in the 5 short months I had to honor of being your mommy, no one will ever take your place. My heart is so sad that you're not here with me I would give anything to be able to see you and hold you and give you love, anything...

Are you playing with your brother Rufus? Are you having fun and making all kinds of new friends? I hope you are happy my girl I will always always miss you my beautiful Diana.

I sedd you all my love always,

Your Mommy forever xoxooxox

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