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'Lisa & Diana'

My Beautiful Diana

Mar 24, 2013

by Lisa Thomas
(Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

Sweet Diana it has been just 2 days since you left and the tears just flow. My heart is completely broken. How could this have happened you are just a baby. I am so mad at the person who hit you with their car and just left you there to died all alone.

I'm so sorry I thought you would be with me for years to come and I only got to keep you for 5 short months. But in those 5 months you gave me a love I never knew I was missing. Your daddy and I love you so so much baby girl we miss everything about you. You are in my heart and soul, and I am so so glad I found you my beautiful Diana.

I am so sad it is hard to write this. You go play with Rufus and don't worry he will take care of you, you take care of each other till I get there OK and like with your brother Rufus, I will always keep a candle lit for when ever you need me just look for the flickering of the candle and I will be there, always.

Rufus will show you were it is and he will take you on Monday nights to the candlelight ceremony OK? So don't be scared baby OK Mommy is right here and I always will be...

I send you all my love, always

Your Mommy forever xoxox

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