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'Lisa & Diana'

My Sweet Diana

May 21, 2013

by Lisa Thomas
(Las Vegas, Nevada. USA)

Hi my sweet girl,

Well in 1 hour you will be gone 2 months. I miss your beautiful face every second of every day, you are such a sweet baby who only wanted love and attention. I am so happy you picked me to be your Mommy, thank you sweetie.

As you know I have Katie and Sophie and Sophie reminds me so much of you not only is she calico like you she meows every time she sees me, but Katie is more of a loner she doesn't really like to be petted and every time I do love on her she tries to bite me but every once in a while she will let me hold her and love her.

OK sweetie I just wanted to tell you I miss you and I send you all my love, you go play with Rufus and Mommy will be right here OK?

I love you lots,

Your Mommy forever xoxoxoxoxxo

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