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Hi My Guy

Dec 16, 2012

by Lisa Thomas
(Las Vegas, Nevada. USA)

Hi sweetie,

Well yesterday was 8 months you've been at Rainbow Bridge and it has been the longest 8 months of my life. I miss you so much, I know things should of gotten better by now but they haven't, well for the most part things are the same but the missing you and the loneliness is still way too hard. I hate it.. I still pull out 4 treats then realize I only need 3, that's sad that makes me want to cry all over again.

The other day I came home from the store and Angelo was passing out the doggy treats I bought and as I was putting them away Angelo said "no mommy, where's Rufus's" I almost fell over even Nick stopped what he was doing. Boy that one was hard.. Like you don't know right? I know you see everything cuz your close to mommy right baby?

Well it's almost 4 in the morning and the baby will be getting up here in a few hours so, Good night my good boy, mommy loves you always my Rufy dufy goofy guy hugs and kisses,

Your Mommy xoxoxox

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