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My Big Guy

Aug 22, 2012

by Lisa Thomas
(Las Vegas, Nevada. USA)

Hi sweetie,

Today is a sad day it's raining outside and it reminds me of you, if you were here right now you would be laying in my bed under the covers like you always did on rainy days. I miss that I miss everything about you, there is not one thing I can say I didn't like.

Everyone use to say that my dogs were the most spoiled dogs in the world lol and you guys are but that's ok you all are mine so it doesn't bother me, plus I know you guys are very much the spoiled ones, you guys are my babys so yeah you all are very very spoiled, lol.

Anyway you go play and have the best of fun running and jumping and chasing the balls around ok and Mommy will be right here if you need me ok?

I send you all my love, Mommy xoxoxo

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