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My Sweet Boy

Aug 20, 2012

by Lisa Thomas
(Las Vegas, Nevada. USA)

Hi my guy,

I just went to the Monday night candle cermony and like always it was great. I love going there I have been every Monday since you left for the bridge and it always makes me feel the closest to you. It's like I can feel you next to me and that is what I love the most about Mondays.

I hope you like this site "Pet Loss Matters" I made you a tribute page and told of our story and now I can write you every day.

I'm not really 100 percent sure that you can see this or if you can hear me or feel the love I send to you, I'm not sure, but till the day comes when I will know I would really like, no I really need to believe you can. For this is my only link to you and I pray oh how I pray you can.

Ok my sweet angel you go and play cos it's almost time for bed, ok make sure you eat all your dinner and dream sweet dreams my Rufy Dufy guy and know that I'm never far away if you need me ok? Just look for the candle and Mommy will be there...

Love to you always Mommy xoxoxo

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