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My Sweet Guy

Aug 23, 2012

by Lisa Thomas
(Las Vegas, Nevada. USA)

Well today is kinda cold and cloudy just the way I like it, I've been thinking of you since yesterday, I wonder if you know just how much I love you? Did I show you enough? Were you happy? Did you like living with me? Are you glad I was your mommy? Did you ever want for anything? I have so many questions and no answers and it bothers me every day.

All I wanted was for you to be the happiest and to forget your past and start anew when you came to live with me. Did I help you forget the cruel past you had? Did I show you enough love so you could? I swear I am going to drive myself crazy but these are some of the questions that will haunt me the rest of my life. I can only hope you were happy and that you knew you were loved so very much my Rufy Dufy and I hope you know you will always be my goofy guy,

I send you all my love always,

Mommy xoxox

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