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146 Days Since You Left Us Now...

Oct 13, 2012

by Louise

146 days have passed me by so slowly and more painfully than I could have ever imagined. The grief comes and goes and today is not a good day...

I feel your absence so greatly and just cannot pick my self up. I miss you so much and still see your smiley little face everywhere I look. Chopper's anniversary is coming up next month and I am already dreading it. I miss you two boys terribly but I do hope that you are together and happy.

You gave Dad and I so much joy and happiness over the 10 years you spent with us and the memories shall never fade.

Slowly, I am trying to let you go and honour your memory by being happy and not dwelling on your loss. It's not easy buddy but I am trying, I really am.

You were a massive part of our life and we just simply are not the same without you. I know you had to go and I understand that we can't all live forever. It just hurts so much, knowing I'll never see you again.

But I'll be waiting for you darling, whenever my time comes to leave this world. I'll find you and Chop and we'll dance in the rain just like we used to... :)

Love you sweet angel x

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