Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Louise & Seth'

Day Two - Inescapable Grief...

May 22, 2012

by Louise

I'm so lost without you my darling boy. My whole world feels so pointless and meaningless without you. Daddy is so sad without you we can barely look at each other. We promised we would look after each other, for you. We know how much you worried about us.. But we will be ok baby, I promise. Daddy and I are just dealing with your loss in two very different ways.

I can't eat or sleep and I've had far too many beers. It's past 1am now and I see no end to this night at all. I've been listening to sad songs for hours now, crying and aching over you. 10 years was not enough time my sweet angel. It went so fast and now all I have are memories. I've found some web sites on grieving over pets and it's helping me get through the night.

I made a head stone for you and "Choppy" earlier today. It's a huge, red river rock that I hand painted with the words "Chopper and Seth were here" "Best Mates" "from 2002-2012"... I also planted a tree for each of you and placed a photo of daddy and I from the wedding with a note telling you two boys how much we love you and how we will miss you both forever. I also placed two button-hole roses from the wedding on your graves.

You two are and always will be our baby's, our beautiful little souls. You forever changed our lives and we will always be better off for having had you in our life. Xxx

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