Your Pet Loss Diaries'

'Mandi & Nemo'

Day 1

June 7, 2011

by Mandi

You always slept silly

You always slept silly

Dear Nemo,

It has been very hard without you. All I can think about is the way you looked as I was trying to pick you up after the dog attacked you. You were hissing and trying to bite me. You looked evil, but I knew you were only scared. I thought you were going to be fine after I held you for a while, but you weren't. You were barely breathing and moving. You died at around 3 or 4 am. I know you're in a better place now, so that makes me feel better. I just have to keep telling myself that if I'm about to cry. I don't want to cry at school tomorrow.

You were so perfect. You got into trouble and knocked over things, but you never broke anything. You didn't even chew on wires or steal and stash things. You loved climbing over the gate to get out of my room and sleeping under the couch downstairs for hours. Everyone would be searching for you and then you'd randomly come out of nowhere. It was so funny. I just really wish I could see you do that again. I would love that.

I hope to get another ferret or two. Not to replace you; just so Delilah can have company. She seems to be doing well without you though, but that's probably because she did not like you too much. You loved her so much though. I'm going to being her with me if I go to get another ferret or two so I'll know if they get along. I promise to tell the new ferret(s) all about you. Even thought they won't have known you, they'll know what you're like.

My mom and I plan to bury you in the backyard. We found a good spot and a stone. I'll decorate the stone for you. It'll be perfect like you, I promise. I will not let any animals get into your grave. I'll try to get some kind of casket for you. I might even make one if I have to.

I miss you so much, Nemo. I always will.

Love always,


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