Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Margaret & Max'

Sept 16, 2012

by Margaret
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

Dearest Max,

You are forever in my heart, mind and soul! I miss you so very much. It's been a year and almost 4 months since I lost you. I think about and miss you every day. We got Raja girl, I did, because I thought it would be a tribute to your memory. You are both so different! We walk almost every day at triple creek, and pass the memorial sites I set up for you, wih flowers and a note.

One of the 1st ones are still there, but someone finally took the flowers from the other site in the park. No worry my sweetie, I got new fall colored flowers there for you now! I so wish you were still here with me. Raja knows all about you, and I think you would be good friends. I will always miss and love you forever. And so wish I could go back to the Max days! Your forever my best doggie ever, my true and best friend. I wanted to let you know this.

Luv you 4ever & 4 always, my best dog Max!

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