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'Margaret & Max'

Still Missing & Loving You Max

Feb 24, 2012

by Margaret

Hi my sweet Max.

Well, I've been trying to heal, but still miss & love you everyday! We got a new dog Raja, because it was at Christmas time, and I was missing you so, like I still & always will! She was on death row, and about to be put down. I just had it in my mind to go to a shelter, and give treats to poor dogs in need, but I ended up saving her.

She's sweet, but very different than you. I didn't ever expect to replace you, because you can't be replaced ever, in my heart, mind, or soul. But, she's a good girl, somewhat. She's nothing like you! She's messy, an escape artist, and a digger too! She's still a pup though, & I remember you put me through a lot of that too, when you were a pup. Some things she does makes me smile, and remember you, at that age.

She really needed a good home, and I'm trying. I know you would approve of her. I still & always will love you the best though. I will never forget or quit loving you. You are with me always! I still love & miss you 4ever!

Love you so much, and always & 4ever.

Your Mommy

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