Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Mariana & Robbie'

Aug 21, 2012

by Mariana

It's been a week since we lost Robbie... I feel kind of better now, but I miss him very much. I still see him at all the places he used to stay. I found a little ball of hair and decided to keep it, it might seem strange or weird, but I just thought I have to keep it.

At first I deleted all his pictures on my phone, because I couldn't even look at them and I have them all on my computer, so I knew they won't be lost... I still feel guilty, but I'm trying hard to accept the loss and live in peace with myself. My boyfriend is very gentle and delicate to me about the whole situation, we are helping each other, he keeps telling me that Robbie will be always with us, always beside us,little black angel... I can only imagine how hard could be that kind of experience for someone who is living alone and the pet was his every-day companion and best friend... all I can say is be strong!

I miss the contact I had with Robbie, he loved my boyfriend very much too, but... we had a special connection :) I guess everyone is saying that for their pets. I'm a volunteer in a dog shelter, I guess I'll visit it Sunday, I know that the contact with animals might upset me, but at the same time will be good for me.

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