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'Meg & KC'

Always In Our Hearts

Nov 2, 2010

by Meg Loftheim
(Lakeland, FL)

KC, it has been 5 months. Losing you is as fresh in my heart as if it happened yesterday. Time does help but I can be talking about you and all of a sudden I start crying. I still blame myself and think of what I should have done to keep you alive. I still am trying to convince myself that it was your time. You fought so bravely and so long. You defied all predictions from the vets.

Last month you send us Mollie. She is doing great. I believe she senses you and because of this, I am going to have to get some new things. I still tell her about you. The other night, Dad was tickling me-re commented how you used to get right in the middle of out matches... Mollie just raises her head... you were a fighter... Mollie is a little princess.

I am glad she is not you as no one could be as funny as you or as tempermental or as independent. We miss you KC but know that you are happy now and running around free of needles and chemo and hopefully finding Harley.

Love you our little man...


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