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'Meg & KC'

Christmas Without KC

Jan 2, 2011

by Meg Loftheim
(Lakeland, FL)

KC, so much has happened since Thanksgiving. My mother died on 7 December and we had the funeral in Philadelphia. But you know that as I know you have found her or she found you. Mom was sick. Like you she just got tired. Then came Christmas. I so missed you tearing up the paper. Mollie just sits on the paper. KC, Mollie is so funny but not you. I missed you trying to get the wrap and ribbons and the tape.

KC, Denny got married. You met Alison. We are so happy for them both. She was a pretty bride. Denny was so happy. Your boy did good. We talked about you.

KC, I still have your remains around my neck. I wear the heart all the time. I just can't let you go. The good thing is dad can talk about you now. One thing we found out is you were a much better traveler.

Well KC a new year has started and I will continue to write to you. Maybe not as often but I will tell you things so you can always know you are in our hearts. Mollie is helping and I fully know you had something to do with her appearance in our yard. We love you KC. Until we all meet. Say hi to Harley. Christmas was very hard without the two of you. Inger cried thinking about our loss of you and Harley.



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