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I Saw You the Other Day KC

Aug 24, 2010

by Meg Loftheim
(Lakeland, FL)

KC, I know you are in heaven and waiting for us but hopefully playing and enjoying a healthy body again. Is Harley with you. I think so as I was at Harley's house this past weekend and I thought I saw him there too. KC, when is the pain going to go away. I just seem to ache all the time. I am able to cope with it more but at certain times of the day I want so much to have you under foot, around for comfort-how selfish. You were so tired and you fought so hard. Even the night you left us you were fighting.

I wish I could stop blaming myself. I keep thinking I should have kept you on the pain medicine longer. I want you so much I still cry at the thought of you. We are having alarm trouble again. I remember how you would run under the bed each time you heard the alarm. I am sure it hurt your little ears so much. Dad made me clean your black markings on the shades last night and I cried and dad just got mad.

KC, I know I was so lucky to have you all those years. I know it was your time. I just miss you and your very distinctive meow. I hear you and I see you. Stay with me until I am okay to let you go. There is just so much going on in our lives and you were always there. Why not now. Be happy KC. Mommy and Daddy still miss you so much.

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