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'Meg & KC'

KC and Harley

Jun 28, 2010

by Meg Loftheim
(Lakeland, FL)

KC, just when I thought the pain of losing you was easing, Inger and Dougs cat, Harley passed away. You remember Harley, he was their cat just after we got you. Of course, you came from Tallahassee and Harley came from Daytona, so you where adopted miles apart-you always looked like brothers. We all raised you both and loved you both dearly.

Harley's turn for the worst came shortly after you passed away. Were you talking to Harley and telling him it was okay to come and be with you. I feel you told him it was okay and that we would all be okay in time. I am NOT okay, but working on it although some don't feel I am working on it fast enough.

Anyway, KC, Inger and Doug are devastated. They got Harley before they were married. He has been with them through the birth of three sons and dealt with living with three boys. You know those boys, they were somewhat afraid of you... I know Harley is scared but okay that he is at the Bridge with you waiting for us to come and claim you both as I imagine, your dad and mom will be there before any of the Roods....

When will I come into our home and not look for you? When will I wake up and want to feed you and when do you think I will throw away any of your medications or needles? I am afraid if I get rid of those things that I will be forgetting you and that will never happen. I look at your pictures everyday. They are everywhere. I miss you. I still want to go and pick you up at the vets. You are not there. You are in a little tin and part of you is in a locket around my neck.

Thank you for all those wonderful years of being our funny, crazy, intelligent little cat.

We love you and miss you and are still healing. Especially with Harley's passing-so many of those feelings came flooding back.

Hugs to you and belly rubs.. Mommy

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