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'Meg & KC'

KC and Me and Mollie

Sep 20, 2010

by Meg Loftheim
(Lakeland, FL)

KC, I want you to know that Dad has allowed Mollie into the house. He watches her - funny think, the other night she stood at his feet waiting for him to pick her up - seems like we had another cat that would do the same thing. She's not you, KC, but I think it is helping Dad heal. She's very affectionate-hmm-not like you -you little brute.

I took her to the vets as her paw was very sore. She pulled her claw out when she was on the loose. KC, all the technicians remember you. You were one of their favorites - even if they were a little scared of you. I never understood why. You were loving with me all the time. Anyway, they cleaned her paw out and she was quiet. All there were shocked - I wonder why. Guess you know.

Mollie can come into the house but her litter has to stay on the porch. That is okay. I think she smells you as there are places in the house that she is afraid to go... guess I will have to clean a little better. I finally had to throw out a rug that you slept on in the end. But, KC, there is a hidden bag in the laundry room that has another rug and blanket. I can still smell you and since no one knows it is there, I just take a sniff now and then and I am okay.

We tell Mollie about you, at least I tell Mollie about you. I think when I am away and dad is alone with her he will talk to her also.

Well, need to get going but wanted you to know that you are in our thoughts all the time. I look at your picture each day and pat the tin with your remains each morning. We love you and miss you but are trying to heal. The kitty you sent is helping. Have fun up there, KC until we meet again.

Love and tickles,


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