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KC- We Got Your Gift

Sep 18, 2010

by Meg Loftheim
(Lakeland, FL)

KC - two weeks ago I was working in the yard... you know how much I hated working in the yard. I heard a meow - I looked everywhere. I even called your name but all I heard was another meow. I kept talking to you and thinking you were sending me a message. I called your name again and all of a sudden out of the bushes came a very skinny cat. A calico cat but she was so thin. Her coat was thinning and she was very hungry and thirsty.

I just know you sent her to me to tell me that you are okay and that it is okay for us to love again. I don't think it is as easy for your dad as he has put up so much distance with the kitty. She's older than you were when you came to us but maybe that is good. I took her to be fixed and get all her shots. She is using your box, I hope that is okay. She is so small. She has to sleep outside and her litter is outside but she is allowed in during the day.

KC, she will never be you and she will never take your place but you have allowed a hole in my heart to start to mend. I miss you every day and even if I don't write all the time, I think about you each day and espeacially when I open a can of tuna. You would come running from where ever you were. By the way, I named the new kitty Mollie - hope you approve.

I am going to the mountains next month and will take the print up that dad bought for me that looks like you.

KC, you are always in our thoughts and always will be loved. I wear the heart with some of your remains around my neck. Be happy little one.


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