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Remembering Our Last NC Trip

Jun 10, 2010

by Meg Loftheim
(Lakeland, FL)

KC and Mommy

KC and Mommy

I made it through yesterday until late in the night and then I found some more pictures. I found this picture of our last trip to the cabin. You loved it up there. You would stay by the fireplace. You would sleep on the porch. You would run up and down the stairs.. even during our last trip when you must have not felt too well. We love you so much and remember our trips there with love and tears.

My husband just won't talk about our KC which I think would help. I ache to talk to him about KC but he just turns away. I cry by myself, KC, dad just hurts too much. KC we miss you so much. We just do it differently. I told him in time we need to get a new kitty and that you were wondering around the house looking for us. I see you. I think it is crazy, but I feel your presence. I think I am rambling but that is how I feel.

I still don't want to go anywhere. I have to and I do but not without wanting to stay home and be near you although Denny said now you are with us no matter where we are. KC, it is hard to explain to other people just why you were so loved and how you made such am impact on our lives. I want to scream, "come home" but know you are really in heaven and are home. But that really is not comfort to me.

We are going to Philadelphia to see my parents and I want to take your remains and your blanket with me. Is that sick. I love you KC. Please always stay with me. I love you much as I would say to you each day.


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