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'Meg & KC'

This Time Last Year

April 5, 2011

by Meg Loftheim
(Lakeland, FL)

Our KC

Our KC

KC, the grandsons were here and asked about you. I was thinking that this time last year we had just gotten back from the mountains and were happy. You were not as well as could be but you were happy. Little did we know that in less than a couple of months you would be gone from us. The pain is still with us.

Back to the boys, your little can with your remains is on my chest of drawers surrounded with the carved cats that your dad helped me collect. I showed them your remains. I don't yet know where I will finally let them go but for now, I look at them and think of you. I still wear the little heart around my neck that has some of your remains in it.

You were our friend. You were my confidant. I think of the times when I talked to you and cried. You always knew when I was upset. You always came to comfort me. You will always be in our heart. I cried today thinking about you. Did you find Harley? Did you find my Mom. She always loved animals. She will take care of you.

I know you will be there when it is my time. I am not afraid anymore of where you are and if you are safe. Be happy my little black cat...

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