Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Meg & KC'

Three Months

Aug 11, 2010

by Meg Loftheim
(Lakeland, FL)

KC, it is three months and I am still a mess. We miss you so much. We see you everywhere. I want to hug you and tell you how much I miss you. I want you to know I am getting better but not there yet. I hug your blanket each night. I smell your rug in the laundry room. I walk into the house and still expect to see you. I come home and look on the patio.

I know it will stop some day but not for a while. Three months-it seems like an eternity. I will write more tomorrow. I am crying too hard tonight. I am looking at your picture and the box that hold your remains. You will be in my heart forever and I will wear the necklace that has some of your remains forever. I loved you, I love you and you always will be my special kitty.

Hugs and kisses and nose rubs,


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