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'Meg & KC'

Travelling Without KC for the First Time in Years

Jun 14, 2010

by Meg Loftheim
(Lakeland, FL)

Here we are on a trip that I all but feel guilty about as we are leaving our home where KC is. I just know your are with us, KC. No matter where we go you will be there. I just left your friend Harley. He is sick also and, guess what, Mom was able to give him his pill. Even his mom can't do it. I guess I just had a lot of practice.

It is so hard to imagine you won't be at the house when we get home. I watched Harley and just cried. He reminds me so much of you and yet not you. I took pictures for Inger and her family because that is something that has helped me. We miss you. Since your death, it just seems that nothing has gone right. I think we just seem to be wondering in a haze. Doing the things we are supposed to do and wishing the day to be over.

I am going to see my mom tomorrow and I am not looking forward to that as she is so very sick. KC I need you. Dad is retiring and you know how he gets. I need you to talk to although I talk to you anyway. I wish I would stop wondering why and just thank God and you that you were in my arms. Until we meet again, my little kittie. I love you, Mom

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