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We're in Murphy, KC, and You Are Everywhere!

Jul 12, 2010

by Meg Loftyheim
(Lakeland, FL)

KC, dad and I arrived last week to your favorite place away from home. Luckily, Lynn was thoughtful enough to remove all your things as she knew how hard it would have been to come into the house and find your toys, bowls and scratching post that you had for all those 17 years.

Oh KC, it was so hard. I see your little face everywhere. I see your face on the steps. I see you sleeping in your hammock on the porch. I hear you at 5:30 wanting your breakfast and taking your shot like a trooper. I have to tell you it has been hard for all of us. Yesterday we went to the art school. I wanted to get another cat figure but dad said I had enough. But guess what, he found a wonderful original print of a black cat and he bought it for me. I will have it framed and keep it always.

I still sleep with your blanket. I brought your remains up here with me so you wouldn't be alone in the house. You will always travel with us. I am looking to get a kitty sometime. He will never replace you but as you know my heart is big and I need part of the hole you left to be filled. I am remembering the funny things you did and the places you hid. Your dad is suffering too. He just suffers in a different way.

We miss you KC but as someone said you died peacefully and in my arms. What more could one ask. Well, I guess I could say some more time but you were so tired and I should have seen that. I love you KC and always will and don't think I will ever stop the crying when I think of you. I just hope someday they will be tears of laughter when I think of how crazy you were and how much love you brought into our lives.

Hugs and kisses, Mom

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