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First Week With Lucky

May 15, 2010

by Mum
(United Kingdom/Scotland)

Can I firstly say this is very therapeutic and easing the pain because I am remembering all the good memories and trying slowly to remove images of Lucky's last seconds with me..... Here goes

We took Lucky to the local park which is huge with acres of fields... He ran like the wind! My boy was amazing he was a wee rascal too lol he would run with other dogs and tease them because he was so fast they could never catch up to him!

Our whole lives changed and completely focused on Lucky and he absolutely deserved it and I kept looking at this wee dog and wondering how or why anyone would want to or actually did hurt him... he had nothing but love and kindness in his very being. One thing though was that he was very protective of his rear end and would not let you pat or go near his tail we assumed he must have been hurt bad in that area, it made us love him all the more if that was possible! My heart is sore while I write this because I miss him so much!

My hubby and I worked shifts so more or less we covered Lucky's walks and pampering time, however when it was Dad's time with Lucky he would phone me and say "That's it that dog has got to go! He has pooped in the living room and piddled in the kitchen and chewed my shoe! and,and,and.... I would say okay wait til I get home and we will talk... Never having any intention of letting my boy go anywhere lol.

I would clean up and settle everybody down talk to my beautiful boy and tell him "NO naughty boy" I smile when I think back to these early days because he was so naughty and chewed virtually everything including the sofa but you know what nothing mattered all that stuff could be replaced and so we went on like this pretty much for the first few months, then it slowly begin to settle down.

We took our boy everywhere we would go whenever we could even to friends to visit.. I remember asking people "Is it okay if the boy comes?" that's how we referred to him our boy he wasn't a dog he was our baby, toddler, big boy, teenager, man and old gentleman, when did he get old? I didn't notice he was and will always be "My Boy"

My next entry will be about his "Seperation Anxiety"

Till tomorrow....

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