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Missing Lucky

Jun 11, 2010

by Mum

I am struggling pal... I miss you so much no-one to greet at the door after a crap day at work, no-one to keep my wee girl company on the sofa when she is poorly... No-one to cheer dad up when he is down... You were there for all of us always unconditionally.

I am slowly but surely coming to an acceptance stage in my grieving process... I have been so angry of late and it was hard to remember the happy, fun good memories we had together all I could see was your discomfort, distress and pain and it was killing me.

But I trolled through all the old photographs of you and my, my son what a beautiful baby pup you were, a tumbly toddler, a clever young boy, a sweet teenager, lovely courteous well mannered young gentlemen and a distinguished older man. I have put an album together in your memory I have a lovely framed collage of you and I talk to you every day. It says clearly at the top of the photo frame "FAMILY" coz thats who you are part of our family at the bottom its says "The Nicest Kind of Memories" I miss you Lucky and I love you pal.

You see what pet loss diaries has done for me is understand why pet loss hurts so much.

Most of us will have lost someone a gran, granda etc and while you really truly loved them and while you cry and miss them and it hurts... This pain of losing your pet is so different and really, really sore and for me it's because well....

I visited my Gran and Granda but Lucky was there for every min, every hour, every day, every month, every year while all my family went through their first hurt, pain, joy, laughter, worry, sickness, illness and everything that ever happened to me and family over the last fourteen years he was there to cheer and comfort you and just let you know he loved us and why? Because he loved being with us being part of our family for that wee treat, or that pat on the head or cuddle on the sofa or snuggle at the bottom of the bed (But don't tell Dad lol) and then in a second he is gone.

It's empty, it's quiet, it's horrible and do you know what it's just so bloody unfair.

This is my last entry for a good wee while...

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