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16 Days Later
The Second Wave - Naya's Ashes

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My Condolences and Prayers
by: Joe, Chesapeake Beach

Condolences and prayers

I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your precious Naya. My deepest condolences and prayers go out to you and your family. Your love for your lost companion shines through as bright as near star in your writing.

Naya was a beautiful cat, and I'm sure she's beautiful still in that better place where she's making new friends. Please don't blame yourself for what happened. You loved your Naya, and what happened was an accident. No one can live a perfect life. We can only do the best we can.

It is what you did for her in your heart that counts, and what you did throughout her life was a blessing. You took her in, gave her a home, gave her all the love you could give. That is all anyone can do and it's a great thing, maybe the greatest of things. I hope you will remember the good times above all, the happiness you gave her and she gave you and your family. If she could speak to you from that other place, I believe she would tell you this very thing.

You wrote about the stages of grief. From the bottom of my heart, I sympathize with that you are experiencing. I lost my beloved cat Sugarfoot last Wednesday night, the 29th of October. For several days, I could not bear his loss; I did not think I ever would be able to. I could not work. My universe seemed empty.

But I was blessed with the support of friends and family, by the many pictures and short movies I have of him, by writing tributes of him that will live forever, by prayer, by just so many things. And I know now he wants me to let him live in his better place. I can feel it in my soul. He wants me to keep him in my heart and soul, and he will always be there, but he wants me to suffer no longer. He is not in pain, he is in happiness, and now he wants me to find happiness, too.

He will look in on me from time to time and during those times I will greatly feel his presence, but now he is free to explore a world without pain, a better and everlasting place, and with a happy heart I'm going to let him do honor his wishes. I'm comforted by the reunion he and I will have one day-but I know that for now, I have an obligation to this world, to make myself the best person I can be so that I will be worthy of that walk on the Rainbow Bridge (which for Sugarfoot will be more of a gallop ;- ) I swear sometimes he was a little horse!).

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the stages of grief will pass and in time you will remember only the happiness you and your family shared with your beloved Naya. Only that.

(Continued from above)

In closing, I would like share with you a short story. About six to seven months ago my Sister had to put down her dog, Bandit. Bandit was a black pug toy with a disposition of gold. In her later years, she was suffering, though, and my Sister knew it would have been selfish for her to keep her beloved pup alive.

Bandit was no longer able to see. She could barely walk. She had bladder stones that just kept coming back. She was in pain. So my Sister did the right thing, and for a long time after, that right thing only seemed to bring her pain.

Then one day a while later, she was sitting on the couch, leaned over and crying, when her son came up to her, put his hand on her knee, and said the darndest thing: ?Mommy, you?re still upset over Bandit?? Her son knew it was time to stop hurting. He had let go.

Bandit will always live in his heart, and in my Sister?s heart, and they will reunite some day. The son just knew that in a way I think only young souls know such things. This story touched me in a way that brought an almost immediate comfort.

Now, when I look at a picture of Sugarfoot, I think of the good times (and my goodness were there plenty!), and know that I?ll see him again. I know the last thing he would want is for me?or anyone else--to be in pain. He loved happiness, and that is what he wants for those not yet on the other side.

I hope I have helped in some way. You will get through this, and you will feel whole again. My most heartfelt prayers go out to you and your family.


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16 Days Later
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