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'Naya & Jean'

One Year Ago Today

Oct 22 2009

by Jean

I just lost an entire paragraph that I crafted as a tribute to my darling kitty. Insult to injury...
I'll start again but keep it short and sweet. I lost my baby kitty a year ago today and find that the pain doesn't really go away but that it's just easier to manage and that I no longer lose it when I walk down the pet food aisle. That's a good sign that I haven't lost my mind.

I miss Naya constantly and I know now that will never go away - because I definitely questioned myself when I first lost her. As for the dogs, I have no resentment, anger or anything towards them. I love them unconditionally and although it took me a few weeks at the time to get past what had happened, I couldn't hold them accountable for something that was purely human error. I won't ever forgive myself for what happened to her and the only thing I can do as a tribute is to help others prevent the situation from happening or communicating with people who have suffered a similar tragedy.

I'm available at if anyone wants to correspond. For all of those who have gone through losing their beloved pets, there are many of us out here feeling the same way. It's good to share and it seems to be the only way to heal.



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