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'Pam & Copper'

I Miss My Baby

Jan 16, 2013

by Pam Baker

Hi Baby

I miss you so much Copper. It hurts so bad. I carry something of yours with me all the time. My life is so empty without you here. I talk to you all the time too, as if you are here. I know you can hear me. I snuggle with your boo bear as if he were you. He's my surrogate for you.

What am I going to do without you? I need you more than I can say. I just go through the motions, I have a hard time when I'm home. I'm living in a fog. Sometimes I forget you are gone. I love and miss you with everything inside of me. You were always mommy's life. I don't have much of one without you. I love and miss you baby.

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