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'Patti & Bailey'

2 Weeks Later and Not Much Progress

Aug 13, 2010

by Patti
(Rochester, NY)

It's been 2 weeks since I saw your little face. I really think I'm dying slowly each day. The sobbing hasn't stopped, I miss him so much.

I miss him being naughty, I miss him being right at the door when I get home, I miss carrying up to bed and tucking him in every night and telling him I was very proud of him, I miss him pushing his little soft head against my cheek when I would hold him, I miss seeing him in his little rain coat with the hood on, I miss the way he hopped when he walked it was so cute he looked like he was prancing, I miss him snuggling up against me whenever we sat together or slept, I miss him making me laugh because he was just so cute.

I don't think I can wait the rest of my life to see him. We were a little family and now it's gone. It hurts so bad. I hate coming home the house is so empty. It hurts so much. I just want my baby back.

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